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Тип словаря:
Цельные тексты, разделяемые пустой строкой (единственный текст на словарь также допускается).
1 in cities in towns in the streets in suburbs in an armchair in danger in the middle of in a queue in prison in hospital in a book in a newspaper in the country in the sky in a line in a row in a hotel in the centre of in the park in cash in pen in ink in pencil in writing in one's opinion in a way in the end in the lessons in one's hand at house number at home at school at university at work at the bus stop at the door at the crossroads at the match at the station at the airport at the seaside at the bottom at a hotel at table at desk at the top of on the floor on the outskirts on a platform on foot on holiday on the River Seine on the board on this street on a farm on the screen on an island on a beach on the coast on the right on the left on the pavement on a trip on the way on the streets on holiday on business on a journey on a trip on TV on the radio on the phone on the market on purpose on the way on a map on a menu at certain time at Christmas at Easter at noon at might at midnight at lunch at dinner at breakfast at that time at the moment at the weekend in the morning in the evening in the afternoon in night in the Easter holidays in Christmas holidays in months in seasons in years in centuries in two hours on days on dates

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